Types Of Headache: Sinus Headache


A sinus headache leads to constant, deep, dull pain and tenderness over the affected sinus. The pain is exaggerated by straining of the head and by the movements of the same. Bending forward or lying down becomes a major task. Other symptoms typically associated with sinusitis are also present. These include nasal discharge, nasal stuffiness, yellow or green discharge, ear fullness, ache in the upper teeth and facial swelling. But the feature which usually distinguishes it from vascular headache is the presence of a fever. The patient contracts fever and also has chills. The X-
rays or CT scan also confirm a sinus blockage.

A treatment aimed towards relieving the symptoms of sinus lead to a reduction in the headaches. Simple steps like breathing moist air by inhaling steam or by alternating hot and cold compresses usually gives relief. Analgesics and nasal vasoconstrictors are used for the same. Local corticosteroids can be taken for added relief.