A Broad Classification Of Headache Types


Some types of suffering are so common for humanity, that we don't attach much importance to them. Indeed, we put in some casual steps to cure them.

Headache is one such ailment. But not all types of headache can be treated so casually. For, different headaches come in different ways. And only a proper diagnosis of it can inform you of its severity.

In fact there are certain types of headache which are the warning signals. They are the forerunners to serious types of ailments to come, if ignored. So it becomes very important for you to know about the different types and causes of headaches.

Well, the reasons for headaches could be many. If you are under stress, tired or sick, you are likely to suffer from headache. Under stress, your blood vessels at the back of head get activated and send pain or distress signals to the brain. The brain interprets these signals as headache.

Broadly speaking, headaches could be classified as primary and secondary headaches. 9 in 10 people suffering from headache complain of primary headaches. The commonly observed headaches such as tension headache, cluster headache and migraine are the primary headaches. No medical conditions are noticed in these types of headaches.

It is the secondary types of headaches that are feared most. Their diagnosis also varies from person to person and from condition to condition. Hence the treatment is difficult and specialized.

Secondary headaches are due to medical conditions. Some of the important reasons could be any metabolic disorder, infection, tumor, head trauma or any types of cerebrovascular disease. Even they affect less than 10 % of total headache population, hospital beds are full of such headache cases. Problems in the ears, eyes, teeth, neck or sinuses may lead to these types of headache. In all these conditions it is essential for the physician to identify the root cause of headache.