Living With Headache During Pregnancy

Any type of sickness during pregnancy is most unwanted. A sickness related to your head is not at all welcome. With headache on, the whole thinking faculty slumps. You are just confused, and you do not know what to do.

In the state of pregnancy, you need to think twice and deeply before you take any type of medication. Because the medication affects you, and the growing baby within! Therefore, headache, during pregnancy, becomes the highly unfavorable experience. But all pregnant women have to undergo this suffering. This occurs during the first and the last trimesters.

If you get the headache during the first three months the reasons could be the initial stresses related to the pregnancy, increased blood volume and the obvious hormonal changes.

During the final three months, it is a different story. In this advanced stage of pregnancy, problems related to poor posture, exert pressure on various parts of your body. You have the additional responsibility of carrying the extra weight. When your posture is not in tune with the normal laws of gravitation, you feel physical discomfiture and the brain gets continuous distress signals, which could be the reason for the headache during pregnancy.

Migraine headaches during pregnancy are to be treated on a different footing. Strange though, women may experience fewer headaches during pregnancy, but again a small percentage of them will suffer more migraine headaches. Any medication for this contingency of migraine headache will only be in consultation with the physician. If you plan to start a family, do consult the physician about your migraine problem.

Prevention is better than cure. The first and the foremost care to avoid headache during pregnancy is to avoid those items, the known triggers like cheese, chocolates, and spicy foods. Take plenty of fruits and vegetables. The balanced approach may avoid the contingency of headache altogether.

Don't say just headache, try to locate the cause of your headache. You must have had several headaches in the past, and you are rich with their treatment experiences. If you have the stress headache, don't take the medication of the sinus headache. But, if you have any other complications, along with the headache, do consult your physician.

You need to take extra care if you have certain serious ailments. For example if you are a diabetic patient, you are not advised to take any over the counter medications, without consulting your physician.

Tow heads are always better than one! Do consult your physician! Don't take your own decisions!