Seeking Headache Relief In Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special time for a woman. It is a time for physical and mental changes. She has owned the responsibility of bringing up with the creative force, for next nine months. Her body is the living palace for the child. She has to think not only for herself, but also about the life that is to arrive soon. This additional responsibility and the sensitivity involved in this period, is the cause for stress and headache for many women. Also, this headache has got an emotional touch to it.

If the woman can cultivate a perfect living discipline, for the next nine months, many of the problems will not dare to come near her at all. Take for example the headache aspect. There could be varying cause for the headache. Not to give much importance to the passing headache would be the best thing. But if you rush to take over the counter medication to get instant relief for the headache, it is not a worthwhile idea. These medicines have many after effects to their credit, and such a development is not good for a pregnant woman. These medicines do not cure headache. They just suppress the headache.

Any capsule or pill that you take is going to affect two lives. This factor is very important to you. Certain types of headaches are part of the pregnancy you just can not avoid them. They can be countered by your taking the positive steps only. That is by walking forward, not by walking back.

Most of the headaches in pregnant women will be during the first and the last trimesters. This type of headache is due to the natural causes related to pregnancy. Don't take a panicky view of them. The causes could be increased blood volume, hormonal changes and the initial stresses. The causes of headache are entirely different during the last three months. In this period, the extra weight that the pregnant woman has to carry, poor posture, not getting sufficient sleep and anxiety could be the reasons for headache.

For the pregnant woman, over the counter medications for headache relief should be the last resort. That too should be considered after proper consultation with your family doctor. Positive steps are the only answer.

Firstly, be sure in your mind that this headache will come and go. Body has a wonderful defensive mechanism. Co-operate with your body by eating a healthy diet. Do not skip meals. All extra adventures like smoking, alcohol and drugs must be avoided. Have an exercise schedule, strictly in consultation with your doctor. Don't live a secluded life, be in good and intelligent, supportive company.

If you have a migraine attack, do not self-treat it. Consult your doctor immediately. If along with the headache, there are any other physical problems, consultation before medication is a must.