Getting a Terrible Headache when exercise, do not panic?
Sometimes when you go for exercise, you get headache. Though, this is very common and harmless, things may turn out to be serious in some rare cases. However, if you are suffering from this kind of headache, it is better to go to your doctor and take proper advice. There may be several causes for these headaches and in medical terminology, they are called benign. Benign means that headaches due to exercise which may not be dangerous but unpleasant.

Generally people who do a lot of exercise and indulge in plenty of sports have this peculiar kind of headache. That is called effort migraine. The prime reason for this headache is increase in temperature of the body due to rigorous exercise which results in brain dilating. The nerves become pressed and this results in headache. If you go in the history of these people with this type of headache, you will find that they have had migraine in the past. They flash lights before the headache starts. The time span of this headache is usually 4 to 6 hours. The preventative medicines for migraine are a fit solution for this type of headache. In case you take a dose of ibuprofen, you are on the safe zone.  Other precautionary measures are that do not warm up much before exercise and this will prevent this headache.

The other form of headache due to exercise is called exertion headache. Statistics reveal that this headache is very rare and can happen to one person in a hundred. So, there is no need to get panicky. This headache comes in the form of abrupt pain at the back of the head and then travels into background. This headache occurs due to increase in pressure on the blood vessels of the brain at the time of exercise and it lasts for almost 6 hours. Painkillers terminate this kind of headache.

The other form of exertional headache occurs during and after having intercourse. In medical terms, it is called benign coital headache. A lot of men and women suffer from this type of headache and shy away from going to the doctor. However, this headache at the time of intercourse is mild and only in some rare cases is unbearable. You need complete emergency care for it.

Another headache associated with exercise is cervicogenic headache. The cause of this type of headache is disorder in cervical spine. This headache is related to muscles, joints or nerves and the prime symptom of this headache is blurred vision. In case you solve neck problem, further headaches can be reduced on its own.