Do You Feel Eye Strain Headache?


Do you feel severe headache whenever you try to read any book or a newspaper? And you find it too strenuous for your eyes to watch TV or work constantly on the PC?

  Well, this could be a case of eye strain headache. Most of us send daily invitation to such headaches by over exposing our eyes constantly to television, computers screens and video games. To add to the woes, pollution all around makes the matters worse.

With the blurred vision, you will get headache in no time! This just means that you are creating too much strain on your eyes without giving the proper rest or the required nourishment to the delicate tissues and blood vessels around your eyes.

But this does not mean that you will stop watching TV, working on the PCs or reading books. However you can follow certain precautions while doing these activities.

When you are working on the computer, you are observing the matter on the computer from a close fixed range. So, it is essential for you in the interest of your eyesight to take a break for two minutes after every 60 minutes. Just close your eyes; do nothing but relax. Your eyes will get the much required rest. They will recoup the normal working level again.

If you are reading a novel, take regular short breaks after every 30 minutes. Just close the book and look far away in to the sky or watch the greenery. This diversion will fetch you beneficial changes.

When you work with your eyes from a close range a particular muscle in the eye contracts. By shifting the focus you give a breather to the muscle and the muscle recoups its original strength to be at your service again.

The load on your eyes is so heavy that the Nature has provided it the permanent masseur, in the form of eyelids. Blink the eyes gently with effort a number of times. Your eyes will get the required massage.

Use pure rose water. In the summer time especially, put a few drops of rose water into your eyes daily. Drops of pure honey are also good for the health of your eyes. With no strain there will be no cause for the eyestrain headache.

You need to train yourself in doing some of the yoga asanas and exercises specially addressed to your eyes. This is beneficial to you from all the counts.