High Blood Pressure And Headaches
There are several factors that can contribute to a headache. High blood pressure is one of them. Several studies and researches indicate that headaches can be caused as a result of high blood pressure or hypertension. Here is all that you need to know about high blood pressure and headaches.

When you are suffering from high blood pressure, a phenomenon called auto regulation takes place inside the body. This auto regulation causes constriction of the blood vessels that lie under the skull. As a result, a headache develops.

However, not everyone dealing with high blood pressure suffers from pressure headaches. Pressure headaches occur only in those individuals who have extremely high blood pressure levels. A sudden increase in the blood pressure levels may also lead to a pressure headache. If your blood pressure is slightly higher than the normal levels then the chances of a headache due to blood pressure are slim.

Risk factors
While every hypertension patient is susceptible to pressure headaches, there are some individuals who are at a greater risk. Pressure headaches are more common in women as compared to men. People who are aged 50 and above and are dealing with high blood pressure also fall in the high risk category. If your diastolic pressure is higher, the chances of developing a headache are more.

There are several symptoms that can help identify high blood pressure headache. Some of the most common symptoms associated with this muscle weakness, intermittent paralysis, numbness and fatigue.

Several tests may be required to determine whether your headache is caused due to high blood pressure or not. Some of these tests include abdominal CT scan, ECG, plasma aldosterone level, Plasma renin activity, and Serum potassium level.

Since pressure headaches are caused as a result of high blood pressure, the first line of treatment aims at controlling the blood pressure. Your doctor may advise certain drugs to lower your blood pressure. However, you need to be careful about the medication you use as there are certain blood pressure lowering medications that can cause headache.

To prevent headaches that are caused due to high blood pressure, controlling your blood pressure will be an obvious thing to do. Eating a healthy diet coupled with regular exercise could help in a big way. Avoiding stress is good to prevent high blood pressure as well as headaches. If you have a high diastolic pressure, it is suggested that you inform your doctor as soon as possible. The doctor will examine the gravity of the situation and ascertain if the high blood pressure can culminate into headaches.