NLP for Relieving Chronic Headache
There are millions of people across the world who have resigned to the fact that their chronic headache is literally 'chronic' and that it would last for as long as they live. But now a new phenomenon is sweeping the world and curing people of not just chronic pains but every kind of physical or mental problem they may have. And it's surely got everyone up and noticing.

NLP or neuro-linguistic programming is what it is. You can call it an evolution of hypnotherapy and is completely medication-free. NLP is a compilation of deep insights on human psychology, backed up by specialized NLP techniques that can change the way you think, feel and behave. NLP experts help you use your own mind and emotions to experience a fresh new beginning. So how does NLP work on headaches? Let us see.

Headaches can be either of tension headache, migraine or cluster headache. Whatever be the kind of headache, the intriguing thing is that it is not what people think it is. Or in fact it is what they 'think' it is. Didn't get it? Well, there's been immense research done on the subject of pain and the conclusions drawn from it assert that the actual pain is a fraction of what we experience. "Pain" is an outcome of our thinking about pain. "Pain" comprises of past remembered pain, of the present pain, and of the anticipated future pain. The present stimulus is less than a third of the entire painful experience.

The highly complex and hidden fear of pain is what intensifies the terrible experience of a headache. And conversely, the realization that this headache is just a reaction to an unpleasant experience and will go away soon, liberates you from most of the pain. NLP is designed to do just that. NLP techniques are specialized for different kinds of pain and can be learnt from NLP experts.

Hypnotherapy has long been used in the treatment of headaches but their scope is limited. Hypnosis consists of 1) direct suggestion that pain disappear, 2) indirect suggestion that pain disappear, 3) erasing past memories of pain, 4) converting pain into other sensations like itching or warmth, 5) displacing headache into other areas of the body, 6) dissociating yourself from the headache, and some other similar techniques.

NLP is this and more. It goes behind the cause of your headache and removes the basic fears or avoidances that you have built over the years, or even since birth. Assertions are meticulously prepared and neuro linguistically programmed to remove the real causes of pain. It gives you a sense of self-efficacy so badly needed to eliminate pain.

NLP is administered by experts all over the world and you can even learn it yourself. Some even offer customized audio CDs with your own name in it.

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