The Forecast Of Headaches


Prognosis means the likely outcome of a disease. A person might be suffering from a headache since a prolonged period of time. However, it is important to find out whether the headache is actually a symptom of something more serious or some underlying disorder or just a simple headache.

The common headache is usually quite harmless. And about 90 % of the chronic headache sufferers can be helped.

Although migraines are usually harmless, they are recurrent and frustrating, interfering with your daily life. Most patients do quite well with medications but in rare cases when these don't work, hospitalization may be necessary. Severe migraine may result in a stroke, a very rare complication.

Cluster headaches are also not life-threatening and cause no permanent structural damages. But the pain can be debilitating. In fact, it is sometimes so harsh that it is labeled as suicide headache. It interferes with the daily lifestyle. Medications and surgery for it may cause severe side-effects like permanent muscle weakness and decreased sensation. It may also result in Horner's syndrome which has severe cosmetic side-effects.

Tension headaches respond well to treatment and are not dangerous, although they can be quite annoying. It is necessary that a tension headache is diagnosed properly. If it is misdiagnosed, then you might be missing out on symptoms of something more serious. Overuse of analgesic medicines used to cure these headaches, may result in rebound headaches.

Hence, daily headaches are usually not harmful but it is extremely important that they should be diagnosed properly. But in the case of other complications like brain tumors, aneurysms and other brain infections, potentially life-threatening situations may arise.