Symptoms of Sinus Infection are All Over the Face!
Generally, the symptoms of sinus infection attribute to common cold. It is very hard to identify it at first and is usually identified as a sinusitis infection at a later stage. Therefore, one must not take the symptoms of a common cold lightly and should visit the doctor at the slightest hint of a sinusitis infection.

Interestingly, sinus sacs are present in four pairs inside the cranium of the skull especially across the facial region. One pair is located in between the brows and the eyes; a second pair is lodged between the nose bridge and the eyes, the third pair right behind the eyes and the last in the cheekbones. They are termed as para-nasal sinuses and are vital parts of our skull. However, any kind of mucus secretion within the walls along with pus may obstruct the passage leading to immense pain. On the other hand, a vacuum in the same region might also lead to a sinusitis infection. 

What are the symptoms of Sinus Infection? It pretty much depends on the location or the point of infection. In other words, the symptoms are indicators of the regions that are affected. If the infection is somewhere around the eyes, then it would lead to impertinent swelling below the eyes and the eyelids. If it is in the mandibular region which is in and around the cheekbones, then your teeth and jaws might ache incessantly.

One of the major symptoms of sinus infection is a periodic headache even after hours of sleep especially early in the morning. Chronic infection in the bridge of the nose might lead to loss of smell and a heavy nose. The pain may also spread to the ears and later to the upper parts of the skull and the neck region. Increased fatigue and prolonged weakness are one of the major indicators of the infection. However, one must remember that these symptoms are not clear-cut indicators of the exact location of the sinus or of  regions that have been inflamed.