Botox both for Headache Treatment and Cosmetics!
Botolinum toxin A has been used for the treatment of headache as long back as around three decades. With the use of it, a lot of patients have benefited and in the US, more and more doctors have opted for it. There are a lot of patients who suffer from eye disorder called strabismus which is due to non-alignment of two eyes that are not in the normal fashion leading to crossed eyes. A lot of people who are engaged in show business like fashion models, movie stars have opted for it just to stop the ageing process.

Use of botox was approved by the US food and drug administration in 1989 and became a treatment for eye muscle disorders. One of the disorders linked to eye muscles is uncontrolled twitching. The treatment is also for underarm excessive sweating. For cosmetic purposes, it is very helpful to treat face wrinkles and can make you wrinkle free to some extent. Due to these peculiarities, Botox treatment became popular in the world of medicine

Since Botox has become an effective treatment to reduce aging process in the face, more and more cosmetic surgeons across the world inject botox to vanity conscious patients. It reduces wrinkles in aging men and women. The doctor injects botox on several areas of the face. However, the results are varying and some of them are very satisfying while others come up with counter claims.

Apart from its use in the world of cosmetic treatment, Botox is basically for solving headache problems. Nowadays plastic surgeons are engaged with headache treatment and the patients are injected botox treatment for eye spasms. As per the reports, patients with botox treatment have not been found to have any symptoms of headache for a minimum period of 6 months. Botox injection can be shot on side of hand and on the side and back of head. It can also be done on forehead and muscles of the brow also.

Botox treatments have become very effective lately and the traditional headache treatments have taken a back seat in comparison with the botox treatment. As per neurologists, the alternative treatment for headaches is the use of conventional drugs like sumatriptan and imitrex. However, like all drugs, Botox also has its share of side effects, though they are limited. The main side effect is the non-movement of brow muscles. This becomes a blessing in disguise for some patients as their frown lines on forehead get alleviated.