Have You Tried These Medicines

Usually headaches are not life-threatening conditions. But you never know when they into one. So keep a tab on your headaches by getting regular check-ups done. Also, take follow-ups on these check-ups by taking your medicines religiously. In addition to these medicines, you also need to practice prophylactic and self-care measures.

There are various kinds of medications available for headache relief as well as prevention. These include oral tablets, supposed to be swallowed with water, and orally disintegrating tablets which dissolve easily (without water) in the mouth. Nasal sprays, subcutaneous injections and rectal suppositories can also be utilized in some cases. You can always mention your preferences to the doctor or take whatever medicines that he recommends for you.

The medicines taken for headache may be classified as abortive or prophylactic treatments. And then there are some medications which are useful for only a type of headache. For example, in treating a migraine headache, antiepileptics, antidepressants, beta-blockers and seretonergics may be used.

The kind of medication prescribed would depend upon your condition. Some medicines may be given for immediate relief from the pain. While others may be given taking nausea and drowsiness in consideration. In some cases, where the pain is less, a lower dose or an easy-to-take medicine, like an oral tablet, might be prescribed.

Suitability of the medicine is also a factor that needs to be kept in mind while deciding the kind of medicine to be given. To find this, out you might be required to try out a few combinations before a combination can be settled upon.

Whatever be the medication plan that you may be following, you need to keep the following three things in mind:

1. Complete the course of your medicine.Avoid under as well as overuse of medicines.Take very good care of yourself so as to increase your comfort levels.
2. Another thing that you can do is recognize the factors that trigger your headache and avoid them consciously.
3. Do give the medicines a chance to work for you.