Some Easy Headache Prevention Tips


As they say prevention is better than cure, so lets see how can we prevent headaches in the first place.

1)Choose healthy, nutritious food and minimize the intake of salty food. Also avoid carbonated, fizzy drinks.

2)Sleeping is very crucial in avoiding a headache. Regular sleep patterns have to be set. Moreover, avoid oversleeping as even that can lead to a headache.

3)Since proper posture is essential to be maintained, thus it is important to exercise and practice physical therapy as well as relaxation exercises and massage.

4)Absolutely avoid cradling the telephone between your head and neck while speaking on the phone. Instead make an investment in a good headset or speaker phone.

5)Adjust your computer screen to be on the eye level.

6)Have frequent dental and eye checkups.

With these measures, I am sure keeping headaches at bay will be easier.