Alternative Treatments for Headache
Headache is one of the most common and most annoying ailments that you may come across. By no means should it be considered a minor ailment though. If not treated properly, headache can cause severe consequences. While there are a number of conventional ways to treat headache, these ways are just not for everyone. A number of people would prefer alternative treatments for headache. Listed here are some alternative treatment options that you may consider.

Butterbur Root Extract
Butterbur Root Extract is classified by the men of science as Petasites Hybridus. It is one of those medicinal herbs which have been used to treat various kinds of ailments for a very long time now. Earlier, it was used to treat various kinds of pains, spasms and even fever. As of today the most common use of this herb is to treat the asthmatic. However, a completely new paradigm of the treatment capabilities of this herb has been found in recent times. Preliminary research trials have been conducted to show that this herb is effective to treat migraine and some other kinds of headache.

The capability of Butterbur Root Extract comes from its anti inflammatory nature. It can interact very well with the calcium channels and has the capability to considerably limit the COX enzymes. These COX enzymes are a primary cause of inflammation in the human body. Please note that all by itself, the Butterbur Root Extract is not a great idea, it has some toxins which negatively impact the liver. A patented process is used to derive a herbal extract that is safe for human consumption. This extract is available under the Petadolex brand.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Unconventional though it may sound, you can use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to get rid of your headache problems. Primary use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is meant to treat psychological problems like mood disorders and social phobias etc. It has been found extremely effective against clinical depression and General Anxiety Disorder. Recently, it has been found capable of treating various kinds of headaches as well.

The primary aspect of using CBT to treat headaches is to identify the negative thoughts which induce headache in the patient. Once these negative thoughts and perceptions have been identified, a definitive game plan is formulated by the psychologist to help the patient get rid of these problems.

Relaxation Training
Relaxation Training is also being used as a way to treat headaches. It involves a process where the patient attempts to relax all his muscles in a progressive manner. The best effect of relaxation techniques is when they are used in combination with other ways to treat headaches.

Please note that these alternative treatments for headache may be a bit slow in taking effect but unlike conventional medicine, they do not have any side effects.