Water Therapy is beneficial for Your Headache
Nowadays due to more and more stressful work scenario and less time for other activities, people are suffering from a lot of diseases including headache. If you are one among them, water therapy can be considered as a solution to your problem. Let us find out the reasons of headache and how it can be cured with the help of water therapy.

The two types of headaches are most common amongst the victims and these are tension headache and vascular headache. Both of these headaches are caused due to some underlying disorders. This headache could come as a symptom of alcohol or dietary recklessness. However, a headache could also be due to some serious problem that needs a proper diagnosis. For the two mentioned types, you can go for the water therapy.

In the tension headache, the stress tightens the muscles in the neck and the shoulder parts and that is why a person suffering from this headache is unable to find comfort in any posture. If you are suffering from tension headache due to sleepless night, you can take bath of lukewarm water for 15 minutes. This will help you get proper sleep and hence a relief from stress and headache. But in case you are suffering from tension headache due to constipation, then you can try water therapy. Consume a lot of water daily and you can get rid of this trouble.

Vascular headache causes a throbbing pain to the sufferer and the person feels a great pressure inside the head. But instead of taking pain killers to cure this headache, the doctors suggest to make use of the water therapy. All you have to do is sit in a comfortable posture and put your feet in a large container filled with hot water. The water should reach up to the knees and after this, you have to apply cold packs on the back of the neck as well as on the forehead then have a hot shower.