Get relief in your headache with 5 Essential Tips
Sometimes you suffer from regular headache almost daily and it becomes a mad situation for you. You feel helpless to do anything and the whole world seems to be burning for you. You just move around in the house desperately and you cannot get relief. You want to shut down your ears and eyes and at the end of the day you end up popping several pills but they have no effect. You are really in a very bad situation.

There are many essential remedies for headache which are as follows ---

1] You can try some home remedies which your grandma may provide which will have a good effect on you. You can also try cold compass, sweet nap or sweet home baked cookies which may provide you comfort. Squeeze the bridge of your nose by pressing it down a bit with index finger and thumb. You can massage your temples and all these acts will reduce your migraine.

2] It is safe to use herbs which make you get rid of headache. Since the treatment of herbs is natural and non narcotic, you will not get any side effects. In case of allergy, consult the doctor first before herbal treatment. In case you are allergy free, you can try many herbs for the cure of headache. Before having herbs, it would be better to boil them. This will make them chemical free. After boiling, the herbs may taste better and like tea.

3] Exercise will improve your blood circulation considerably. You can jog and fresh air supply to your lungs will give relief to headache. After exercise, have hot bath as it would release toxins and you will be free from contracted muscles and will feel as if your whole body is relaxed.

4] Do aromatherapy in the bathroom which may add more comfort. Since aromas like lavender has good relaxation qualities, it would help you a lot. Acupuncture therapy becomes a must in case of nervous tension, so, you should be aware that headaches cause nervous tension also.

5] Try to meditate and concentrate as it will give you a new glow. It will reduce the stress levels and may give ultimate relief to headache. It is better to do meditation on a peaceful lake or river which will ultimately help.