How To Prevent Headache?


Headache arrives unnoticed and ultimately departs and you forget everything, the causes of its arrival! You have never tried to analyze, why you are repeatedly having the bouts of headache. Preventing headache is not one of the items in your agenda.

You have to do certain things, follow certain regimen to get rid of yourself the headache problems. You just treat the pain, without going to its root causes. You believe you are an active, bright person. That was so, till 9.00 a.m. this morning and you were making brisk preparations to go to your office duty. Suddenly, you are confronted with a nagging, throbbing headache, which would not let you do anything! What can be done, except applying for a day's leave? But, that has not solved the problem throughout the day, you suffer and suffer more. Will it be alright by tomorrow?

For the time being, you have solved the problem by taking antibiotics, but by evening again, it has resurfaced! This has happened to you a number of times in the past.

So, now you have to budget your time, according to your revised plans to live a head-ache free life!

From where do you start?

Do proper exercise at a fixed time of the day. Try your best to live a tension-free life. Avoid stress. What causes the headache? Try to identify the factors. Is it food, alcohol or oversleeping? Yes, sleeping many times cures and at times causes headache. Taking pain killers so often, your body's natural ability to fight the diseases may vanish if you test it with painkillers. Painkillers are not faithful health agents! They also suppress the pain, without affording it a permanent cure. And when the pain resurfaces, it will arrive with double force!

Herbal products and supplements have been proved to be effective in preventing headaches. Learn relaxation therapy from an expert yoga teacher. Some of the techniques those are bound to be helpful for you to prevent headaches are visualization, meditation, deep breathing exercises and many more. Daily practice of such techniques is a must.

Preventing headache is not a course of medicines, it is a discipline!