Headache Relief – To be on the safe side, go for natural remedies!
With stiff working conditions and being stressed out at workplace, a lot of people, lately, are suffering from headache. Natural headache may be put in to two categories. The first one is primary and the second one is secondary. Migraine, cluster and tension headaches come in the list of primary headaches while brain tumor, injury and infection are the root cause of secondary headaches. Tension headaches are the most common and they affect both males and females alike.

Headaches are generally caused by negative emotions and stress. Apart from these, environmental, chemical and food factors may also be responsible for headaches. When it comes to the remedies of these headaches, you can get lot of pain relief medications of headache over the counter. However, these medications do not cure headaches completely and just give the timely relief. There are numerous side effects with these medications and if you use these medications in a frequent manner and for a longer period of time, they will lose their necessary effect.

To be on the safe side, there are many natural alternatives for pain relief which are quite effective. All you need to know is the cause of the headache. However, natural remedies can not prove much helpful in case of migraine or cluster.

Some common remedies for natural headache relief are -

1] You need to have hot bath which releases muscles from contraction. Your whole body will feel relaxed. This is the best thing for tension headaches.

2] Since stress causes headaches, the exercise can provide relief from such types of headaches. You should jog, swim and take brisk walk. This will make improvement in your blood circulation and will release you from tension. Thus your body will be relaxed.

3] Dehydration may also cause some headaches. Since this is the prime cause for muscle contraction, you need to drink at least eight glasses of water to solve this problem. Drinking plenty of water not only gives relief from headache but also maintains your body.

4] In case you have sinus and caffeine headache, you can use hot or cold compress to relieve energy.

5] It is good to use oils like lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint to remove tension headaches.

6] Acupressure or acupuncture is done for the relief of stress related headache.

7] To give relaxation to muscles, you need massage. You need to have massage therapy on head, neck and shoulders. Massage is a great weapon to relieve stress.

8] There should be required amount of sleep on daily basis. Excess or less sleep can cause headaches.

9] Do not do work in the wrong posture as it will put stress on neck, shoulders etc and may result in headache. Too much bright light can also cause headache. So, avoid it. Some foods may also cause headache, so, avoid them. Nuts, chocolate, red wine and cheese should be taken moderately.

10] Reduction of caffeine is very important to reduce headache.