10 Ways to Get Rid Of A Headache!
Headache is a common pain and anyone can suffer from headache. Stress is the prime cause of headaches. For instance, if you work on computer for a longer period of time, you tend to have headache. However, whatever the causes of headache may be, they really create discomfort for us.

Headache is a menace in our life and can hinder a man to do work to his full potential. If you are suffering from headache constantly, you have to take measures to prevent it. Headache may take a toll on overall development of your social life and you may lack a lot of productive skills. You may fail in many tasks due to aftereffects of headache. Headaches may be put into several categories and the cause may be different for different people. To get rid of this menace, you need to know its causes first.

Follow these ten simple ways to counter headache--

1] Poor posture leads to tension headache, so, it is essential to maintain good posture. You need to stretch your body. Since muscles of neck and shoulders contract due to poor posture, it is good to maintain good posture at the time of work. This is a perfect solution. In case of these tension pains, stretching is the only option.

2] Apply moist heat from hot compress as it will remove headaches. Soak towel in hot water. Apply on the areas of pain and this will give relief from headache.

3] Many women have headache before a day of their period. In this type of headache, the women feel pain behind their eyes. To counter this, they should eat foods rich in zinc. They can also eat lean meats.

4] Major cause of headache is stress, so, you need to relax. You need to follow a healthy and have a good amount of sleep and rest. Take some break from work to counter such headache.

5] Tension headaches radiate pain through neck and shoulders and you feel a lot uncomfortable. Massage is a good solution for these types of headaches. To release tension, massage on scalp or shoulder is the only solution.

6] Skipping meal can become prime cause of headache. In case you have headache because of fast, break it and eat and you will feel a lot better.

7] Drink plenty of water. Water makes the body cool and reduces headache. Drink minimum at least eight glasses of water a day.

8] Lie down. Use ice on neck areas, shoulders and temples. This will relax you and you will have relief from headache.

9] Use analgesics or pain killers as they can reduce headaches to some extent. In case problem persists, consult doctor.

10] Migraine sufferers should know what they eat. Such headaches are triggered by food as well.