Dealing With Headaches At Work Or School
Headache is something that can happen anytime. You may be sitting in a class listen-ing to the teacher when all of sudden, you feel as if a bomb went off in your head. You may be at work and instantly you feel as if someone set a box of fireworks alight. It becomes extremely difficult to handle the headache problems in such a condition. Below are some tips to help you deal with such situ-ations.

Avoidance is the key
It is necessary that you avoid every such instance which would lead to headache. Refer to the below mentioned tips:

* Never skip your lunch just because you have a lot of work to do.
* Identify what kind of food causes headache. For most cases, eating very spicy food leads to such problems.
* Drink as much water as you can. Even the slightest dehydration can lead to headaches.
* Avoid caffeine intake through tea, coffee or energy drinks. Caffeine is a well known cause of head-aches.
* Sleep tight and sleep long hours. A minimum of 7-8 hours in summer and 6 hours in winter is neces-sary for your mind to get enough rest. Not getting enough rest for your mind will definitely induce headaches.
* Do not be stressed. Try to take things as lightly as possible. Things happen as they are supposed to happen. Even if all the things are falling apart, take that in its stride. If you take too much stress, and it induces headache, you will feel as if your head is falling apart. Surely, you do not want that!
* If you think that flickering lights or fluorescent lamps are too bright, turn some of them off. Too bright lights can cause troubles,
* If you are working in front of a computer screen for long hours, make sure that you keep the monitor brightness at the very minimum. Working in front of a bright monitor for too long can induce many problems, apart from frequent headaches.
* Get an anti-glare filter for your computer monitor.
* People working outdoors or having field classes must wear good quality sunglasses to avoid harmful UV rays. In addition to this, if you can frequently keep a wet cloth on your head, so much the better.

Dealing with the problem
A proactive approach shall help. Try to join Yoga classes and learn meditation. It will help you remain calm. If you get a bout of headache at work or school, excuse yourself and move to someplace that is cool, shady, free of noise and has some provision for you to lie down. Keep headache medicine with yourself but do not become over dependent on it. Try to move to a calm place and see for five minutes if the headache subsides by itself. If it does, so much the better, if it does not, only then should you pop the pill.