Menopause and Headaches- Sleep is the best remedy!
At the time of menopause, the hormones system gets disturbed as the estrogen is not produced at the normal rates. Also, most of the women find that the progesterone level decreases significantly which leads to symptoms like severe headaches.

Chronic headache can cause an intense throbbing pain that can sap your entire energy to do anything at all. Even if you open up your eyes, they might be causing terrible pain. Menopause can heighten all these symptoms of chronic headache.

During the menopause, certain food items can trigger headaches and that is why they should be avoided at all costs. These include avocado, cheese, nuts, chocolates and meat tenderizers. Other factors at this stage of life that should be looked into are alcoholic beverages, oral contraceptives and fatigue.

So, if you are one of those menopausal women who suffer from frequent headache, you should also pay attention to other symptoms like unsteadiness in walking, physical and mental fatigue and dizziness. The migraine headache could last from a few hours to a few days and the person can feel nauseated and sensitive to noise and light.

If you get a migraine headache, the best way is to lie down in a room with complete silence and darkness and try to get to sleep, until the pain goes away. But if you face it frequently, you must consult with your doctor.