How to Deal with Headaches behind the eyes?
If you are suffering from pain behind the eyes, you can be sure it may be a symptom of some kind of headache. There can be several other health problems associated with pain behind eyes. A lot of people complain of extreme one sided headache which involves the area around or behind the eyes. This is also called cluster headache.

In cluster headache, there is tearing and redness in the eyes and it comes in the form of small pupil on the affected side of the face. Stuffy and running nose are the aftereffects of this headache. These types of headaches are very harsh and they last 25 minutes to a couple of hours. These headaches can come many times in a single day continuously up to for 8 weeks. The peculiar characteristic of this headache is that it disappears for a few months or even for years.

When it comes to the treatment of this headache, the Oxygen mask is the safest treatment for cluster headache. The big advantage of oxygen mask is that it increases oxygen level in the blood which helps the blood vessels to relax. In case oxygen mask does not help, injections of sumatriphan and dihydroergotamine can provide relief from this type of headache.

You can also get over-the-counter painkillers for this headache, though, they should be your last resort. The reason is that the headache goes away before the pill starts doing its job and people are of the view that that particular medicine gives the relief and as a result, they are just habitual of getting these medicines. Cluster headaches and migraines are called vascular headaches in medical terminology.

These headaches occur due to improper function of blood vessels in the brain. This happens because of chemical change in the hormones of the brain. In migraine also, headache starts from one or both eyes.

In migraine headaches, the person gets visual disturbance called aura. In this case, the person sees zigzag lines and flashing lights and also suffers from blurred vision. Migraine comes with symptoms like fatigue, vomiting and the person becomes sensitive to lights and sounds.

People with cluster or migraine headaches should avoid alcoholic beverages as well as smoking. Foods with nitrates are also to be kept away.