Sinusitis And Dizziness

Sinusitis is a medical term used to refer to a condition in which the sinus linings become inflamed due to bacterial, viral or fungal infection. Prolonged allergies or colds may result in sinusitis. The common symptoms include nasal discharge and stuffiness, headache, a feeling of swelling in the nose or the sinuses, dizziness, fever, headache, difficulty in concentrating and coughing.

Most of the sinusitis cases are caused due to reduced sinus ventilation or a temporary failure of the normal mucus drainage and expectoration. The sinus openings are blocked and as a result are not able to carry out the normal functions of healthy mucus drainage. This causes secretion and mucus to accumulate in the sinus region, providing a fertile environment for growth of bacteria or fungus.

The blockage of the sinuses leads to frequent headaches and a person may in some cases complaint about a sensation of dizziness. Dizziness because of sinusitis denotes a feeling of dizziness that a patient may experience due to infection and subsequent constriction of the sinuses.

This dizziness or light-headedness results from a feeling of heightened or reduced pressure in the head. This feeling of pressure can further lead to pain and inflammation in the sinuses. Pain, pressure and inflammation all combined together can cause a feeling of dizziness.

If a person is experiencing symptoms like dizziness or other common symptoms associated with sinusitis, such as outlined above, it is advisable to seek professional help immediately. A qualified medical practitioner after performing the requisite diagnostic tests will be able to confirm the reason for the dizziness and be able to decide if the same has been caused due to sinusitis or not.

An accurate diagnosis and identification of the problem is imperative because it will help to determine the course of medical treatment that needs to be administered.

Dizziness because of sinusitis is a curable condition and to ensure the same is treated timely, one must consult a skilled medical professional right away.