OTC Sinus Medicine
Sinusitis is a condition in which the sinuses or cavities are infected and become inflamed. The inflammation can be the result of a viral or bacterial infection or can be caused by allergens such as pollen, dust or mites.

Infections due to sinusitis cause production of mucus that in time may harden and obstruct normal breathing through the nose. This becomes a perfect breeding ground for bacterial infection.
The hardened mucus then can lead to the blockage of the Eustachian tube and result in a feeling of blockage in the ear, similar to the sensation that one encounters when rising rapidly to a higher altitude.

Many Americans suffer from acute as well as chronic sinusitis without realizing the fact. Any nasal blockage that is caused by a cold or a case of influenza that does not clear by itself within a period of 10 days should be investigated by a doctor. Complications due to chronic sinusitis can be severe and it is essential to treat the condition in a proper fashion and in time.

A number of people tend to take over the counter medications in order to obtain quick relief from the symptoms of sinusitis. OTC medications for sinusitis help to remove the congestion and allow the patient to breathe easily. These medications may consist of antihistamines and other agents known as decongestants that help to remove the blockage caused by sinusitis.

OTC medications for sinusitis do nothing more than remove the topical symptoms of sinusitis.  In order to treat sinusitis properly it is necessary to get the condition properly diagnosed by a doctor who in turn may prescribe a range of drug that include antihistamines and antibiotics to totally eliminate the problem from its roots.

The primary aim of non-prescription based medications is to reduce congestion, reduce inflammation, and provide relief from the pain caused by sinusitis and to reduce chances of further complications that may be caused by sinusitis.