Headache - Keep Away from OTC Pills!
Headache is a disease that happens to almost everybody at some point of time in his/her life. However, some suffer from it more often. There are different types of headaches depending upon the nature and the causes and the cures of them are different too.

In some cases, a headache is a side effect of a serious medical problem in the body. There may be numerous other reasons that can trigger a headache. However, the main causes of common headache are glaucoma, arthritis, meningitis, brain tumor, high fever, violent coughing, a head injury, sneezing and straining especially in the case of men who suffer from headache after sex. And most importantly, a headache is caused by tension and stress among the people.

The experts say that a headache is caused due to the constant swelling and shrinking of the blood vessels causing the face and head feel irritated and the person feels pain in the adjacent areas too. Mainly, the headache is of four types and these are vascular, inflammatory and tension.

Migraine is a vascular headache which is the most common. It causes a severe pain and a nauseating feeling and also very familiar in women. Another common vascular headache is the “toxic” headache which is caused by a fever. Cluster headaches are also vascular headaches that also cause severe pain.

For the causes of tension headache, when the muscles in the neck and the face area get tightened and tensed up, the person feels tension headache and pain is centered on the forehead only. The inflammatory and the traction headaches are a symptom of other disease which could be a sinus infection or even a stroke.

Headaches could be treated in a numerous ways using different kinds of treatments, however, the person who suffers from a frequent headache should keep in mind not to take over the counter pain killers. These are not only risky but also do more harm than good and should not be taken regularly. Moreover, one should drink a lot of water and change the eating habits and add exercise in daily routine.
The sufferer should avoid stress and tension. The treatments can be only suggested by a skilled doctor. According to the type of headache, frequency and the intensity, a doctor prescribes a treatment. So, if headache occurs frequently, consult a doctor.