Chronic Sinusitis Infection May Make Your Life Hell!
Humans have been coughing, catching up a cold every now and then and showing all the symptoms of common cold for ages. You have also been trying several prescribed medications for the same. However, no matter how hard you've been trying and whatever medication you use, at times they fail to deliver the kind of results you expect. And by the time you pay the final visit to your doctor and take a battery of tests including X-rays, you get to know that you are suffering from an acute problem of Sinusitis. Bang! There comes your life to a standstill.

In general terms, sinusitis simply refers to an inflammation of the sinuses. However, it could be much more than that and might leave you with unbearable pain and a chronic sinusitis infection. The latter stage could last up to 3 weeks at a stretch making the pain all the more cumbersome and intolerable. In the long run, chronic sinusitis infection may also prove to be fatal.  Millions of dollars are spent on numerous medications every year in the US alone where approximately 32 million people are grossly affected by this infection.

In the sinusitis, the cranium of the skull or cavities consists of the paranasal sinuses. They are present in pairs of four. Amongst them, the Frontal sinuses are found between the eyebrows and in the midst of the eyes and nose. On the other hand, the Maxillary sinuses are on the inside of both our cheekbones. Sphenoids are located towards the upper side of the inner nose, right behind the eyes and Ethmoids are placed straight across the face between the bridge of the nose and the eyes. You experience pain in these air sacs whenever there is any kind of blockage due to the presence of unnecessary pus or secretions.

The pain may also occur when an abrupt vacuum is created in the inner lining of the sinus cavity. If the infection persists, it leads to  Chronic Sinusitis Infection. This infection may last for weeks and usually occurs four times a week.