Headache Treatment: Aromatherapy, Acupuncture, Hot And Cold Packs

A treatment gaining wide popularity worldwide, aromatherapy is found to be quite effective in treating headache. It believes that certain oils and their fragrances have the desired calming effect on the body, thus curing headache. They are known to relieve emotional stress, tension and consequently headaches. The oils seep deep into the nervous system and ease the pain. In fact, they can also be used as a preventive measure.

Since there are certain essential guidelines to be followed while mixing these concoctions, it is essential to take the supervision of a certified aroma therapist. The ingredients and their quantities have to be in the right proportion, if you want to these concoctions to benefit you in any way.

Aromatherapy claims to cure headaches related to negative emotions and muscular and nervous tensions. Lavender, Roman chamomile, sweet marjoram, peppermint, rosemary and eucalyptus are the oils generally used in preparing treatment oils for headache relief. And inhalation, application, bath and massage are some of the techniques adopted to use or apply these oils.


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese form of treatment working on the Taoist philosophy. It involves the use of needles to cure many disorders. It does not use any drugs to treat any pain related disorders.

Although acupuncture lacks scientific validity, yet it has been found to be effective in providing headache relief. It is believed that the body has a number of meridians, applying pressure on which, literally dissolves the pain.

  It is also believed that acupuncture works because it leads to the release of certain neurotransmitters in the body. One such neurotransmitter is endorphins, the release of which, cures the pain. It also incorporates a variety of movements, techniques and applications, one of the most common one being moxibustion.

Hot and cold packs
Heat and cold may be used to provide relief to a headache sufferer. Some patients may prefer heat treatment while others may prefer ice packs. It is usually seen that migraine sufferers prefer cold packs whereas, those who have tension-type or muscle contraction headaches prefer cold packs. Packs or showers, both have the same effect.

 As in the case of high fevers, cold packs can be applied to the forehead and the temples whereas hot packs can be applied to the neck and the posterior parts of the head. One has to be extremely careful while using hot packs as these might cause muscle spasms or even burning if, they are too hot.

Both these treatments are quite safe and can be used in addition to other normal medications.

Apart from the treatments discussed above there are more treatments available to cure headaches. These have been discussed in Natural Treatments For Headaches - Part 2.