Getting Relief from Sinus Decongestion
Have you ever felt the painful sensation that is a result of inflamed sinuses? If you have experienced such a sensation, then you will definitely agree that it is a painful sensation. This sensation is caused by inflammation and congestion in the sinus cavities and is caused by formation and hardening of mucus.

There is a number of non-prescription and prescription based medication that are used for cleaning the congestion in the sinus cavities. These medications are available in the form of nasal sprays, inhalants and nasal rubs. Decongestants are not only available in a topical form but also in a form that can be taken orally, in pills or syrup.

Decongestants help to drain the sinuses and promote obstruction free breathing through the nasal passageways.

You should make sure that the decongestant that you are using does not contain the drug phenylpropanolamine, as this has been recently banned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Decongestants have side effects that counter the side effects of antihistamines another group of drugs that help to alleviate certain symptoms of sinusitis. Whereas antihistamines cause drowsiness, decongestants may be combined with caffeine to make you alert and wakeful. This may result in insomnia. Taking an antihistamine and a decongestant together is a good idea as the two drugs usually counter each other’s effect.

Remember that decongestants by themselves may not help you to treat sinusitis in a holistic manner. Such drugs provide only symptomatic relief. If you are suffering from sinusitis, then you should get yourself checked up by a doctor and follow the prescribed medication and recommendations.