Headache Treatment: Biofeedpack And Hypnosis

Biofeedback is when a person learns to recognize his own body signals and responds to them in the most appropriate manner possible. That is, he reacts to the feedback provided by his own body. By controlling even involuntary functions, the person learns to be integrally involved with his body.

Apart from treating migraine, tension and various other types of headaches, this technique is also utilized to treat high and low blood pressure, Raynaud's disease, epilepsy and even paralysis.

Initially, various machines are used to measure body cues. The patient learns to recognize these himself eventually leading to the elimination of these machines. Patients are taught relaxation exercises, how to identify triggers and how to cope with stressful situations. This technique is basically a tool which believes that behavior, thoughts and feelings - all need to be harnessed in order to achieve the best state of being.

The patients have to become more in control of their bodies and recognize the signals that it gives them. This treatment is basically aimed at changing the way a person reacts to their own body and its stress.

Hypnosis is a kind of treatment where the person's state of consciousness is altered so that he can relax and thus get rid of his headache. Over the period of time, the headaches start diminishing.

In hypnosis, the mind is made to relax and the patient goes into a trance-like state. But he can not be made to do things he is against morally. Hypnosis is not a therapy by itself and should not be used as such. Instead, it can usually be used in conjunction with other forms of treatments.

When hypnosis is used for the treatment of certain ailments it is referred to as hypnotherapy. Sometimes it has also been able to cure some of the so-called incurable diseases like cancer, diabetes and arthritis with the help of the mind-body connection.
Though this treatment is not very effective in treating cluster headaches, it has been found to be useful in treating chronic headaches. Other conditions that might benefit from the use of hypnosis include weight control and irritable bowel syndrome.