Ten Tips To Relieve Migraines Instantly

Instant relief for migraines may be accomplished with over the counter medication such as ibuprofen or migraine-strength aspirin. But one man’s instant is another man’s intolerable wait. There are certain steps you can take that have proven effective in instantly relieving migraine pain in other sufferers. Most, if not all, probably won’t work for you, but you just may get lucky enough to stumble across one that does the trick.

1) One of the causes of migraines is the rush of blood to the head, so constricting the blood vessels to slow down that rush can often lead to relief. As anyone who remembers elementary science class knows, heat expands and cold contracts. Therefore, applying cold compresses to the forehead and/or back of the neck is a good starting point.

2) In keeping with the same concept as the above, try dipping your fingertips into ice cold water and massaging your temples and neck. This method combines the attempt to constrict blood vessels with the soothing relief of a massage, and is much better for those people who just can’t stand to have a wet cloth weighing down on their forehead.

3) Some migraines are triggered by stress, in particular the building up of anger. Believe it or not, but one method of relieving the pain very quickly is simply to watch something funny. Don’t make the mistake of going to a movie or a comedy club, however. The key here is relaxation. Find a place where you can relax by yourself and cool down while laughing.

4) Aerobic exercise is another terrific method of instantly relieving pain. In addition to taking your mind off the pain, the exercise gets the blood flowing throughout the body, helping to constrict

5) Maybe the most enjoyable method of attaining relief quickly—and if you choose this method you may not necessarily want to think of terms of quick release—is by engaging in sexual activity. Some research has concluded that migraines are especially difficult to get rid of because the pain is so intense that sufferers can’t think of anything else. Sex is a great way to get your mind off your suffering. Indeed, instead of a headache as an excuse not to have sex, think of a migraine as the perfect excuse to have sex.

6) Turn out the lights, pull shades and close the curtains. Turn off and otherwise eliminate all noise. Lay down comfortably, whether that means flat on your back with no pillow or on your side with two pillows. Simply relaxing in a dark, quiet room is often enough to quickly alleviate your pain.

7) Intake caffeine. While caffeine can trigger a migraine, it can also be used to relieve it. Generally speaking, caffeine as a relief method works best for those whose migraines are, indeed, not caused by caffeine. Keep a journal to determine what seems to be causing your headaches and if you’re sure that it isn’t caffeine, then at the first sign of a headache, try drinking coffee, tea or a soda high in caffeine.

8) Take a course in biofeedback and engage in this highly recommended manner of migraine management.

9) Move to a different environment. Smells, noise and even colors may have triggered your headache. You may actually be able to get rid of the pain simply by moving away from the trigger.

10) This one is pretty radical and may not even be considered by many of you, but if your head is pounding hard enough and you reach the point where you are willing to try anything, then this is the method for you. Often, migraines are caused a buildup of toxicity in the digestive tract. One way to clear that out and get rid of the headache is with a cool water enema.