Practice Yoga And Say Good Bye To Headache


Yoga has proved to be an alternative therapy in most of the general diseases and headache is also in no way bared of it. Yoga gives a permanent solution for headache if reasons behind the pain are known. Immediate relief could also be sought with the help of yoga exercises.

In most of the cases, headache triggers off because of depression, tensions and acute stress that a person suffers from. Due to these causes, brain doesn't get enough oxygen and blood and lead to contraction of muscles. The apparent result is headache.

Relaxation and deep yogic breathing are the immediate steps to curb it. Then pranayama and other postures of yoga may also be practiced. Dim light and slow music should compliment yoga exercise which must end with shavasana. Shavasana exercise must be started with deep breathing and it's better to put a towel on your eyes.

Even if a person is not having headache, a yoga practice of half an hour can work as a preventive measure for headache. As it would keep check over tensions and strains. Ujjavi and Nadi Paranyama asanas help calm down nerves to increase blood circulation in mind.

However easy yoga posture is one of the most common practices. It straightens spine, lowers down metabolic rate and keeps mind at still. Shoulder stretch and spinal twist are other yoga postures that serve well in checking headache.

So, practice yoga and enjoy a life free of headache!